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Required Reading was founded in 2015 by an experienced partnership of three veterans from the studio, independent, and international media worlds who believe that the key to making great content is to invest in talented people. Their mission is to empower creatives to tell stories that embody truth and appeal to a global audience.
Collectively, they have worked on 15 feature films, raised over $37-million in independent financing, shot in more than 60 countries, worked on movies that have grossed over $3-Billion, and drink 14 cups of coffee per day.

we are required reading

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Seanne Winslow grew up in a castle in Germany. Seriously. She was the onset producer for The Lego Movie and created The Creative Salon, an underground community of A-list writers and directors dedicated to telling better stories.

Adam Sjoberg has traveled to more then 60 countries as a journalist and filmmaker.  He’s made a hip-hop film with Nas that takes place in Yemen, and a film about a rebel North Korean artist.  Although he’s been arrested in Egypt and (almost) in China, he’s never been arrested in the USA.

David Jacobson has never been arrested outside the USA, was once a Rugby player at Oxford, plays folk mandolin, and is known to be a prolific late-night cook. He has experience in both blockbusters like The Amazing Spider-Man and producing high-profile indies like Lee Daniel's The Butler.