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Required Reading is a production company committed to excellent story-telling, smart financing, and facilitating a vibrant collaborative community of like-minded filmmakers.


Adam sjoberg

Adam has traveled to more than 60 countries tellings telling stories in places like Yemen, Uganda, rural China, and the streets of Colombia. He has worked with Bono and Project (RED) in subsaharan Africa (ask him about his 31st birthday), produced a massive 1000-person installation/listening party with Kanye West in Madison Square Garden, traveled to India and Guatemala with Warby Parker, co-produced a feature documentary with legendary rapper Nas about breaking and hip-hop in the slums around the world, (“Shake the Dust”) and directed and produced the documentary breakout “I Am Sun Mu” about a North Korean dissident artist. He is currently producing a feature film about American Samoa with NFL great Troy Polamalu, as well as producing Spotify’s first feature film.

Adam craves authenticity and human connection, and is committed to handing the microphone over to people who might otherwise not have the opportunity to be heard.


seanne winslow

Seanne Winslow is a writer and director who made her mark in Hollywood as a sought after creative producer.  She oversaw the Sherlock Holmes franchise with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law for Lin Pictures, was the creative onset producer of The Lego Movie starring Will Ferrell, Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman, and co-founded an underground community with producer Dan Lin for A-List writers and directors to wrestle with the question, “How do we tell better stories?” (Fight Club rules so don’t ask for more info).

As a writer and director she’s not afraid to tell stories that grapple with dark issues while infusing her trademark sense of magic and wonder.  Her current project “Ilona” is a semi-autobiographical story (Seanne did grow up in a castle in Germany after all) about a girl who ventures from her life in LA back to her home in a tiny German hamlet to help her mother deal with her personal demons as well as the ancient spirit-king that lives in the woods.


david jacobson

David came up in the film industry under the prolific producer Laura Zisken. After she passed, he made her pet project “The Butler” his passion project, and pulled off the near-impossible (at the time) of convincing the world that a historic drama with a primarily black cast was worth the investment. Though all the major studios passed initially, the film went on to gross over $250 million worldwide. David has brought his tenacity and “roll-up-his-sleeves” work-ethic to bare on every project he’s laid his hands on, including his role on “Stand Up to Cancer,” and as the producer (along with Seanne and Adam) of Kanye West’s biggest stunt yet: a 1000-person human installation in Madison Square Garden. He is currently developing a slate of projects with Dave Stewart.

David believes in the classics. He believes that stories matter. If he wasn’t a filmmaker he’s be a holed up in Oxford reading and teaching classic literature. And he remains committed to the dream of realizing timeless stories in an ever-changing Hollywood.